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Claire's Story

Claire always dreamed of doing something that would bring people joy and make them smile, but never really knew what to do or how to do it. One year for Thanksgiving, she was asked to bake a dessert. This was a strange request, because until age 21, Claire could barely boil water. However, she always loved sweet treats. She was dumbfounded as to what she would bake, but she was willing to try a few recipes. Maybe it would work out well and the family would smile from ear to ear.

After flipping through several pages of a cookbook, her eyes were drawn to a mouth-watering picture of a German chocolate cake. At that moment, Claire was determined to try this recipe from scratch.

As she started to read through the recipe she noticed that some of the ingredients were artificial and mentioned substitutions. She would have none of that. She wanted it to be sweet and made with quality ingredients. Claire gathered her pecans, butter, eggs and other ingredients to give it her best attempt. She also made a few tweaks to the recipe. She was determined to make it moist, tender, and top it with a delectable, buttery coconut-pecan frosting.   After making her changes to the recipe, she was pleased.  Would the family be pleased?

On Thanksgiving Day, she timidly took her German chocolate cake to the dinner. Though she liked it, she wasn’t sure what her family was going to say. Once dinner was over, Claire’s aunt was the first to try the German chocolate cake and shouted out, “This cake is so good, it ought to be OUTLAWED!” The other family members started to flock over to get a piece of the cake. They were all shocked at the taste. Her aunt was certain that this cake was bought from a professional baker or a commercial kitchen.

Claire replied, “No, It’s from SCRATCH... and it’s AUTHENTICALLY SWEET.”

It was this day that Claire found her niche as a scratch baker.  From then on, she vowed to “outlaw” any ingredients that weren’t pure and genuine from her kitchen, such as artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour, refined sugars, and chemical preservatives. 
 The Banned Baker